About Sarah Moore

Welcome to CoolCowboyComics! My name is Sarah Moore, and I am the founder of CCC, where you will find a growing selection of the best in western comics.

How Cool Cowboy Comics Started

I started this business a few years ago when my mom grounded me from watching movies for six months! :/ So, what did I do? I found comics!

The comics are really exciting but I wanted them in a more interactive and user friendly format and I found Kindle was perfect. I enjoy being creative,enhancing and restoring each comic book. My mission is to create quality entertainment from years gone by and revive it for your family to enjoy today.

Down and Persarah moore out on the rangesonal.

I am the oldest of 8 kids. I live in Nicaragua and have enjoyed the mild tropical climate for over four years. I enjoy horseback riding and occasionaly I get the opportunity to gallop through the jungle thanks to a dear friend of ours.

I absolutely enjoy work. I love learning about about the Nicaragua culture and currently I am actively learning Nicaraguan Sign Language.

Some other hobbies of mine include sewing, gardening, and of course all things western.